GenoMik-Transfer Initiative
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New Brochure: Facetten der Genomforschung
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Application-oriented Research on Non-Pathogenic Microorganisms for Health, Nutrition and Ressource-Efficient Industry Production

Genome research has been a precondition for innovativeness in medicine, in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry, in agriculture and the food industry. With the „Genome research on microorganisms – GenoMik“ und „GenoMik-Plus“ programmes the BMBF supported the analysis of relevant microbial genomes and to thereby develop new therapies for infectious diseases (for example by producing medical drugs such as antibiotics) or to discover specific characteristics of micro-organisms which can be used for technical processes and products in the field of industrial production.

The follow-up programme "GenoMik-Transfer - Application-oriented research on non-pathogenic microorganisms for health, nutrition and ressource-efficient industry production" clusters scientists from different german universities and research institutions in interdisciplinary research projects. The initiative aims mainly at the continuation and development of the extremely successful projects within GenoMik and GenoMik-Plus as well as to the expansion on new research areas with the focus on application-oriented projects.

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